Product Description

The Sahara Booster Car Seat keeps your pet safe and secure on every car ride. It can be used to sit flat on the car seat or boosted up higher for your pet to see out the window. To boost the seat up higher, strap the shoulder harness around the head rest. There are two pouches and several zippered storage pockets for a leash, treats, toys, etc. The collar tether keeps your dog safely inside the car seat.

Car seats help keep your dog safe in the car and make her feel secure in a place all her own. Dogs can struggle to find a place in the car that feels safe and comfortable, so a car seat provides a safe haven that your dog can look forward to. There are two seat belt loops that make it easy to secure the car seat to your vehicle. If your dog has anxiety in the car, there is a mesh top that can be zippered closed to give her a supreme sense of security and provide you with peace of mind knowing she is extra safe inside.

Some dogs love their car seats so much that you may need to bring yours inside for your dog to lay in at night!

Product Features:

  • Washable pad
  • Two seat belt loops to secure car seat to vehicle
  • Tether to keep dog safe and secure
  • Mesh top zippers on for extra safety
  • 600 denier nylon shell with sturdy floor and sides
  • Boost pet with shoulder straps around seat headrest
  • Dimensions: 17.5” L x 14” W x 13” H / For Pets up to 18 lbs